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Many of these links are broken or haven't been updated for a long time. However, I left these up for sentimental reasons, and in the hope of their return.

Hunter:: Harpy Eagle

Hunter's Clique

Elvish name: Dontaurwen


Wolf Lovers~|~Wind Wolf

Literary Loves : I <3 Garet Jax

I :heart: mischief!


My Anime Muses:|are|: Link and Vision of Eagle

I roleplay :: Jarian DragonSpeaker, Aladara Wingwraith, Sirius Black, and Birdz

legend (Robin Hood)


elementary =DÅÑ

Black Isn't Dead!

This Joker is a gift for being one of the 
first 10 people to join The House of Cards!THoC: Member #8